Speaking Services

The passion that drives me to learn about marketing & communications is the same one that drives me to connect with business persons and entrepreneurs. I’m a member of the International Speaker’s Network, the Professional Woman Network, a contributor to Professional Woman Publishing and a member of just about every women-in-business association and Chamber of Commerce’s speakers bureau in the regional area (again, where does one find the time?)

The message I deliver in both written and spoken word is intended to teach, motivate and inform about skills development and professional growth.

I’d love an opportunity to speak for your group, association, organization or staff…don’t hesitate to give me a holler at sandy@sandyspadaro.com to arrange a date & time.

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Topics Lists:

Human Resources Topics:

  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Effective Employee Evaluations
  • First-Time Managers Toolbox
  • Mastering Time Management
  • Positive Communication Tactics

Skills & Growth Topic Summaries – click to see descriptions

Business & Marketing Topic Summaries – click to see descriptions

  • Marketing Toward Top of Mind Awareness TM
  • Internet Marketing: Growing Business Using Technology
  • Marketing Your Business Using Color Psychology
  • The RULES of Email Marketing
  • Networking vs. NOT working
  • Corporate Etiquette & Attire
  • Time & Organization Management
  • Market Yourself Like a PR Pro
  • The Writes & Wrongs of Business Communications
  • Building Your Personality Using Social Media

Women’s Issues – click to see descriptions

  • Overcoming the Superwoman Syndrome
  • Business Etiquette & Attire
  • Assertive Doesn’t Mean Bitchy: A Lesson in Communication
  • Why She Does It Better
Real Estate Topic Summaries – click to see descriptions
  • Get the Listing! Presentation Design
  • Driving the Traffic Home: Internet Marketing for Real Estate
  • Facebook Bootcamp for Realtors
  • LinkedIn for Legal Professionals