SS Marketing Solutions

SS Marketing Solutions believes that the professional representation of your products and services must impress clients, prospects and peers. If branding, public relations and marketing strategy are not your chosen profession, you probably have other things to focus on. Outsourcing creates the freedom to do what YOU love to do.

Get on with your own business.

With services ranging from marketing consultation and training, graphic design, copywriting and PR, I can help your business grow.

If marketing is not your chosen profession, you’ve got other things to do…Outsource your marketing department, and Get On With Your Own Business.

Public Relations

  • Press Releases & Messaging
  • Publication Targeting
  • Article/Content
  • Profile Profiles & Biographies


Email Campaigning

  • Text/Content Drafting
  • Format Design
  • Database Maintenance
  • Distribution & Timeline Maintenance


Training & Education
  • Research & Development
  • PowerPoint Drafting
  • Editing & Delivery
  • Deliverable Materials/Take-Away Content