Voice Over Artistry

If a picture says a thousand words, then a voice can trigger at least as many thoughts, emotions and messages.

Delivery of that message is a critical factor in audience learning, retention and eagerness. Sandy beautifully balances clarity, zeal and enthusiasm to engage interest and encourage action.  It’s no wonder her speaking engagements and voice over skill-sets reach and influence nationwide!

Click Here for Sandy’s Voice Over Demo

Sandy is a narrator who helps small and medium sized businesses sound more professional and competitive by enhancing their voicemail, training video soundtracks, commercials and website trailers with high-quality narration.

“I’ve worked with four industry experts affiliated with New York City’s Edge Studio, privately and in group workshops. I have taken courses to learn the business side of voice over, and vocal training workshops to learn the performance side.

My demo consists of “real takes” (not multiple takes edited together), so it’s a true, real-world demonstration of what I provide.  While the demo contains short clips  I can also provide long-form narration with enthusiasm, clarity and the flexibility needed in pleasing the client.

I’ve worked in front of large groups, am comfortable at the microphone and work efficiently in the booth.”

* Can provide music, sound effects, translation, ISDN, and dubbing.

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