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Watch Your Words on Valentine’s Day

Today is the day of hearts, roses, teddy bears and chocolate.  Oddly, people choose these ways of expressing their thoughts and feelings without giving much thought to the words they use. In fact, overuse and desensitization has taken the luster out of this holiday’s most common Sweet Nothings.

On this, as on any day, choose your “love” words carefully and say exactly what you mean.  More importantly, you want to carefully discern the messages that others are sending your way – they may not always be the messages you’re hoping for.

Be on the lookout for the message behind the masked signal.

5 Red-Flag Phrases on Valentine’s Day:

1.       Is that what you’re wearing?

2.       Oops I forgot my wallet!

3.       Let’s take that table in the darkest corner – I don’t want to run into my Ex.

4.       Mom’s been so depressed lately; it’s cool if she comes along, right?

5.       Really, I like the gift…but I’ll take the receipt too.

5 Red-Flag Phrases on Any Day:

1.       You’re not really my type but I’m trying to expand my horizons.

2.       It won’t happen again – I’ve switched my meds since then.

3.       We’re divorced but still live together…”for budget purposes”.

4.       I’ll be able to drink again when the antibiotics have run their course.

5.       Wow our server is really hot.

Top 10 Questions That Kill the Mood:

1.       What’s your name again?

2.       Hey is your brother around?

3.       You sure that’s the right size?

4.       Whose underwear is this in the glove box?

5.       When do you think that pill will kick in?

6.       Are you done yet?

7.       You’re done already?

8.       Who told you it was okay to put that there?

9.       You think they make an over-the-counter cream for this?

10.   It’s okay if I post this on Facebook, right?